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Featured Article

Blind Dating Movie

Memorabilia are objects valued for their connection with historical events, culture. In particular, a movie memorabilia are chiefly entertainment: posters and publicity photographs but has, for posterity, to include even events or experiences worthy of remembrance: a book containing the memorabilia of a life in the theater. A record of things worth remembering like timeless movie memories.

Encompassing the worth of movie memorabilia collection are vintage movie posters, music and concert posters, vintage photography and photo archives, scripts, lobby cards, film cells, Press Books and Press Kits, vinyl banners, lobby displays and standees, props and costumes, commemorative plates and dolls, magazines (vintage reads like LIFE, Vogue, Look, Collier's and McCall's from the 1940s and '50s), and classic Disney collectibles, for the real studio avid.
And even to the seemingly insignificant like half sheets, inserts, pinback buttons, ads/flyers, calendars, clippings, and cigarette cards. And even "things" once and supposedly owned by the stars must come with certificates of authenticity - such as autographs, sunglasses, make up cases, plates, lunch boxes, house wares, neck ties, cigarette cards, and reproduction jewelry.
The psychology of the commerce called ‘movie memorabilia is If someone is willing to pay for it, someone else seems to be willing to sell it. And always, the collectors are quick to defend their passion as a feat for owning things rare, timeless and special. What has a fanatic got to do with it anyway?

For a film posters to be worthy of called ‘authentic memorabilia' it must be an actual theater-used advertising materials printed in very limited quantities and displayed when the film was released.

Prop and costumes collection is an exciting hobby of collecting production used Hollywood memorabilia such as celebrity wardrobe, Sci-Fi weapons, Spaceships, replicas, and more.

There are also those who are fond of reviews of popular movie favorites. The merchandise has neatly categorized them by genres and highly specific subcategories such as Sci-fi-Alien Abuduction, War-Vietnam, Business, Teenage Years, Action-Adventure, and Romance.

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